We're Reinventing POTS

As plain old telephone service (POTS) lines are gradually phased out, enterprises must find alternative connectivity solutions for their analog specialty and voice line applications. The OneCloud POTS Replacement Solution is designed to simplify the transition of analog voice and specialty lines, such as voice and alarms, to the cloud.

The Cost of POTS Lines Are Increasing Rapidly

Monthly subscription rates for POTS lines vary based on factors like geographic location, carrier, and available alternatives, currently approaching $240 per line, per month in some areas. Outrageous, right? If you're concerned about these rising costs or the impact of discontinuing analog lines, we can help. OneCloud POTS Replacement can ease your concerns and save you money on your telecommunications solution.

With OneCloud There's a Potential Cost Savings of 300% OR MORE!

Don’t Get Stuck With Ballooning Costs on These Common Pots Lines Applications

Elevator Call Boxes

Fax Machines

Point-of-Sale Systems

Building Entry Intercoms

Security Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm Panels

The New POTS Line

Embrace a new era beyond the constraints of analog business lines. OneCloud's technology seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure, transforming connectivity and communication. Our advanced solution covers a wide array of applications - this isn't just a service; it's a comprehensive solution that drives your business into the future.

Guaranteed Compatibility with Legacy Systems
More reliable than traditional copper POTS lines
Business connectivity during network outages
Online Status and Management Portal
Meets or exceeds national, state, and local building and fire codes
NFPA 72 Code Compliance

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts
The Best SLAs in the Industry
Cost Savings up to 50%
HIPPA Compliant for medical, pharmacy and insurance environments
PCI Compliant for payment, POS and other financial transactions

What Are My Options?

Staying the Course

Stay where you are. While this might work temporarily, it won't last. Eventually, you'll find yourself back at this point.
Maintain Existing
POTS Lines Averaging Each Month For


OneCloud POTS Replacement

Integrate your analog devices into a digital system using OneCloud POTS Replacement. We have the tools needed to convert the analog signals from your devices into digital signals, enabling them to be transmitted over the digital version of the PSTN.
Comprehensive Cellular Solution
for as Little as


A Complete Overhaul

Completely overhaul your entire communications system, including all internal and external networking, and replace all equipment with digital-enabled devices.
For Upfront Costs to Implement Incomplete Systems, Competitors Charge as Much As


Modernize Your Business With Cloud-Based Technology

Regardless of your system setup—whether it's a full analog solution, a mix of analog and cellular or LTE, or otherwise— OneCloud POTS Replacement is an LTE/Cellular/Wi-Fi/PSTN/FirstNet-capable router that can support various combinations of legacy analog wireline functions. These include in-band voice, M2M, data, DTMF, analog data modem tones, fax, and alarm system signals. Traditionally supported by POTS lines, these functions can now be delivered via OneCloud POTS Replacement and transmitted over LAN or WAN internet connections such as fiber optics or cable.

Alarm Panel Certifications

With other providers, you can expect:
• Upfront costs of $1,500+
• Uncertified Alarm Panel
• Paying for/working with licensed personnel to recertify your alarms

With OneCloud you don't have to worry about the hassle, you're already Certified ✔

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