OneCloud for Salesforce

Seamlessly integrate your OneCloud solution with the most popular CRM in the world.

OneCloud for Salesforce

Streamline Sales & Service Processes

Never leave Salesforce. Natively integrate powerful communications capabilities into your CRM.
OneCloud for Salesforce | Call Logging

Full-featured phone system

Make, receive, transfer, hold, and park calls.

Agent call queues

See assigned queues and toggle between queues.

Contact screen pop

Trigger Salesforce to open a contact if the number is known or create a new contact if the number is unknown.

Log & record calls

Create tasks in Salesforce that log call details and link to call recordings.

Relate calls to Cases or Opportunities

With the click of a button, call log details and user-created notes are added to an open Case or Opportunity associated with the contact.

Trigger Salesforce Flows

Users can kick-off pre-configured Flows right from the softphone.

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