OneCloud CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate with dozens of popular CRM applications, including Salesforce.

OneCloud CRM Integrator helps to streamline your workflow.

Active call options

See who's calling and open their contact record immediately.

Call history within CRM

Get call history of every customer interaction.

Presence options

Use the built-in presence indicator from Microsoft Teams to show when you're busy.

Widely compatible

OneCloud CRM Integrator can be used with nearly any CRM platform.
The OneCloud CRM Integrator comes in different configurations, ranging from the free Google Chrome extension to the Windows-based desktop application. Both options give your users features like click to call, screen pops, call history, and more.  With dozens of pre-built CRM integrations and more more being added regularly, you can count on this easy-to-use application to drastically improve workflows, and streamline processes.

Chrome Extension (Free!)

CRM Integrator for Windows

Chrome Extension (Free!)

CRM Integrator for Windows

CRM Integrator for Windows: Salesforce

CRM Integrator for Windows: Outlook

CRM Integrator for Windows: Google