Redefine Your Fax Experience

Streamline your business communication! SecureFax delivers simplified HIPAA-compliant encryption for your business's important documents from any device.

Fax Like It's The 21st Century

Mobile friendly

Send or receive documents from any device anywhere using the mobile-friendly web portal.

99.9% delivery rate

Stop wasting time with failed faxes and busy phone lines. SecureFax is a reliable solution to efficiently transfer your documents.

Multiple recipients

Send to multiple parties and receive to numerous accounts at once.

Voice / Fax detection

Intelligently distinguish between voice and fax transmissions to streamline incoming communications.

Network fax server (optional)

Maximize control over your fax communications with enhanced customization and management capabilities.

Onsite fax devices available

Complement digital services with physical infrastructure for flexible document management.

Effortless Faxing.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Send and receive internet faxes from anywhere using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. No hardware required.


Have a dedicated phone number to send and receive faxes via email. An email notification will alert you whenever a new fax has been received. Tailor your security controls to thwart unwanted faxes and transmit faxes securely via an encrypted TLS connection.

A more efficient workflow is just a click away.
Send secure and reliable faxes with no downloads required

Seamless Transition

Preserve your existing fax numbers or establish toll-free, local, or vanity numbers with ease. Our setup process is quick, allowing you to start sending faxes in minutes.

Industry-Tailored Fax Services

Explore our specialized fax services tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries,
ensuring secure and efficient document exchange.


Transmit and receive urgent prescriptions securely while maintaining patient confidentiality through TLS encryption.

Financial Services

Streamline the submission of loan applications and stock transfers for efficient processing.


React promptly to critical evidence, utilizing an encrypted TLS connection for secure faxing.

Real Estate

Effortlessly share and receive contracts, accelerating deal closures without reliance on cumbersome hardware.

Car Dealerships

Transmit sales agreements, financing documents, and vehicle information securely with TLS encryption.


Educational institutions can take advantage of secure faxing capabilities for transmitting academic records and administrative documents.

Experience the future of fax.
Explore OneCloud today.

Experience the future of fax.